Babe Sluts for Rent

Not a lot of guys have heard of Babe Heaven. It’s a pretty exclusive joint that rents out babe sluts to horny guys for any occasion and it was the work of a fucking genius. Anyway, I knew about the whole thing because a friend hustle babe there all the time. He invited a bunch of us to try it out once and since we were all pretty rich that time, we said yes. There were about four of us, just enough for a gang bang and decided to get just one babe slut to fuck. The party was at Friday night and the girl would come at around eight and we were all fucking excited. When she arrived, my cock instantly went up. The girl was a blonde hottie with huge tits, small waist and a killer ass. She was wearing these five inch red heels that just begged guys to fuck her. At first, we had the girl do some striptease for us. I could tell she was used to this kind of thing and looked like she enjoyed it too coz she was smiling all the way while dry humping the pole.

By this time, all us guys had our hand in our cocks and pumping. After a few minutes, I guess Dennis couldn’t take the pressure and grabbed the girl, sandwiched her between the pole and his cock and plunged his dick in her pussy from the back. The girl started moaning her “Fuck me Harder” moan then the other guys started jerking their dicks faster. Nobody really cummed though since we were all waiting for our chance to fuck the girl. Just then, Dennis flipped the stripped on all four and James took advantage by aiming his cock in her mouth. The blonde popped his dick in and started sucking it like a lollipop, you could tell she was used to this double penetration thing. The gangbang has officially started and it looked like it was gonna be one hell of a night.

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